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Cinematography, performing arts and journalism students ages 12- 25 from five different states will join together on August 12th – 16th for a five day community service conference and tour sponsored by Javanna Productions M.O.V.E.. Participating students will travel from Miami, FL to Dallas, TX gathering and editing positives news video segments on a multi- media production bus. The MOVERS are scheduled to host production studio events at local non-profit organizations and community centers where guests are given the tools to create their own positive news segments to be published online. The M.O.V.E. Community Service Tour is designed to activate neighborhoods by providing participating community members with the tools to contribute to positive media production.

Javanna Productions M.O.V.E. (JP Motivation Opportunity Vision Entertainment) is a non-profit production company that seeks to provide young artists with the tools and platforms necessary to give back to their communities creatively. Javanna Productions is celebrating their seventh anniversary with the M.O.V.E. Community Service Conference & Tour beginning in Coconut Creek Florida on August 12th and ending in Dallas, Texas on August 16th. Follow the MOVERS as they travel from city to city this August by visiting our blog below.








Hey guys I've been working with M.O.V.E on informing people on what Autism is and how it effects the person and the community there in. If you would like to join in the fight, follow what we're doing on Facebook and Instagram @proudtobeamover, and 
This experience has helped me to understand the autistic community and what it has to offer. Sometimes learning and understanding what people are going through can spring board your community action. On this trip I'm realizing that people fear what they don't know. People think that Autism is a problem or difference in a negative or weird way, Well I can tell you that after spending these last five days on the 2016 M.O.V.E tour that Autistic people are just as friendly, sweet, and caring as people without Autism. They honestly care about people more then a person who is not of the spectrum. The love they have for the world is a love we should all share with one another. All it takes is a moment to open your eyes and understand. We are all one whether were on the spectrum or not. So open your eyes and join the fight.

Autism Spectrum Disorder refers to differences in the development of social interaction, communication, behaviors and interests. There is beauty in the different ways that we view the world. Let's learn from one another and discover how we can connect. It is time to educate ourselves on our differences and similarities. This will help us to communicate more effectively with one another. Autism is not something to be feared it is inspiring. We are all capable of achieving great things. Our talents are individual and special. We are all children of God and deserving of love. Do not push away what you do not understand, rather, let us celebrate what we can learn from ASD; Humility, passion, compassion, tolerance. Let us lift the veil of ignorance!

I grew up in a tiny town with a small variety of people and everyone was generally accepting of each other. Going in to the 2016 M.O.V.E. tour I was expecting to learn a little more about Autism, maybe do a few projects etc. I was in complete awe with what I learned. I had no idea, Autism was looked upon so negatively by so many people. This is a cause that needs fighting for because Autism is not a disability. It is not something to be feared, and it does not make someone any different or less of a person.

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